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About us

Our mission is to provide publishers with a range of specialist software solutions that aim at streamlining editorial workflow and at offering agile publishing solutions in B2B market.

These solutions are dedicated to the transformation, publishing and distribution of dynamic enhanced content in order to create an engaging and motivating reading experience.

Founded in 2010, the company is based in Fribourg/ Switzerland where it employs 4 people. In a wish to quickly adapt to market changes, the team is backed by a network of talented developers in Switzerland and Romania.

Recent platform developments have been driven by forward-thinking client-partners aiming at launching innovative publishing models:

  • Ebook personalization and customization
  • Ebook refactoring
  • Direct content delivery offline and online



Contact us

We are part of the Bluefactory Technology Park located in Fribourg, Switzerland

Our address:

Passage du Cardinal 1
1700 Fribourg

+41 26 401 2950