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Interactive Multimedia eTextbook … part I

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You will find many different formats of eTextbooks targeted at students and teachers. Publiwide has its own in-house solution to make the use of online learning resources more engaging than ever before. This series of articles (Interactive Multimedia eTextbook) exemplifies the type of solutions that we can offer and the near future developments on which we are working at present. Down the line, we would love to involve you by getting your feedback and input.

 The core of our evolving technology lies in the development of new Reader application software, which will be translated across various channels: laptops, tablets, etc…

In this first issue, we wish to showcase a sample of the Take 10 en Espanol eTextbook. The objective of this demo is to illustrate the capacities of our current web Reader device and some of the enhanced content that can be embedded in eText:

- Zoom focus on any paragraph: isolate a section of condensed text to facilitate reading. The text popup can easily be disabled by clicking again anywhere in the text.
- Video and audio panel displayed when launching the eText: as the user opens the first page, an overview of the multimedia resources available throughout the eText is automatically displayed.
- Interactive activity (page 9): text can be entered and further actions can be performed accordingly. Answers are not monitored in this example.

We invite you to experience this online eTextbook demo by clicking here.

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