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The Most Efficient and Fastest Method to Publish Fixed-Layout eBooks

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After months of work, our engineering team has achieved a significant milestone in the publishing of EPUB 3 eBooks. The market being desperate to benefit from cost-effective solutions for producing Fixed-Layout eBooks, it was indispensable to build a reliable and fast publishing method. The result of these development efforts is the release of a desktop software application that automates the production of Fixed-Layout for iBooks, Kobo and Kindle.

In a nutshell, it will take minutes to have a file ready to load on the aggregators’ store including a ready to go Table of Content (TOC) if previously bookmarked in your PDF source file.

Given market reality, the key for most stakeholders is to start from PDF to cover a wide stock of content (legacy book content, newly printed books, courseware, workbooks, …). The ability to handle PDF sources well is what makes our technology really appealing. Other alternative methods prompt you to publish straight from InDesign or QuarkXpress, with compatibility issues when opening older projects or fidelity issues due to the rendering of complex graphical structure.

What makes our method truly efficient? We generate a HTML file with an optimized Open Type Fonts (OTF) system. This binary font system is natively supported on various rendering environments. Furthermore, the OTF engine system is fed with optimized quadratic Bézier Curves, a genius algorithm achievement specifically dedicated to the transformation of font glyph.

Concretely and more simply, the usage benefits are visible on the devices: fast loading and quick refresh of the content in the rendering panel of eBook’s applications like iBooks or Kobo.
We feel that we are now in position to help a score of publishers by providing them with software tools to control their publishing of EPUB 3 Fixed-Layout eBooks and by offering an economically efficient workflow.

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