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Publishing Books into eBooks Made Easy with Publiwide

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Nowadays, book publishers face a dilemma: they know that the move to digital is necessary to widen the distribution of some of their products, but they worry about turning their own publishing house upside down, having to work twice as much or having to invest a fortune in eBook production. Fortunately, this is no longer the case, thanks to Publiwide.

Content management

Publiwide’s Dynamic eBook Authoring Suite enables publishers to create E-books without having to change their publishing workflow or content layout. This technology allows the semi-automatic transformation of many formats commonly used by publishers into eBooks. The digital version created may be a simple replica of the book or, better still, a dynamic eBook able to adjust to different screen sizes. With Publiwide’s tools, publishers can also enrich their content with video, audio or animations.

This is a real bonus for richly illustrated books, textbooks or course material. Publishers can convert their existing files – pdf, .docx, .xml, .indd into EPUB 3 with very little human intervention, while preserving the quality of complex components (tables, mathematical formulas, special characters). This is seldom the case with conversion software currently available on the market. More importantly, intervention in the layout is minimal, as all content components are reorganised according to the digital appearance selected. This is what makes Publiwide’s software unique.

A further advantage is that publishers don’t need to disrupt their publishing structure and can start producing eBooks straight away, while maintaining traditional printing activities in parallel. Additionally, they remain in control of eBook production and distribution (another service offered by Publiwide) within their own publishing house – without having to sub-contract.

This means that the original layout work can be used to produce both the print and digital edition, with very little extra work. This is what we call killing two birds with one stone!

Software functionalities:

- Semi-automatic creation of a dynamic eBook – a concept that offers an extended reading experience, well beyond the page as we know it – in EPUB 3.
- Application of a specific style for the digital version of the book. Differentiation between the printed book and the eBook. This style can be easily adapted in subsequent versions.
- Intuitive WYSIWYG interface to preview the final product and interactive components (videos, pictures, sounds).


The Publiwide Advantage

Other products on the market don’t offer the following functions:

- Use of existing publishing input. With other software, the user must start by manually editing the text, which is very time-consuming.
- The final eBook presentation may be easily changed at any time.
- Creation of an eBook into a reflowable and dynamic format.

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