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A one Fits all Format For Digital Publishing

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When publishing reports, magazines, courseware or technical literature for electronic distribution, editors may choose from a wide array of alternatives. After years of experiments (digital flash flipbook, apps, downloadable dry PDF, …), one solution prevails: publishing documents as EPUB 3 eBooks. The advantages of the EPUB 3 format are numerous:

  • A single file that fits any platform, eReader or device (see below)
  • Control over distribution, as a file is being published, not an application that requires further approval (i.e iOS Appstore submission)
  • Easy to enhance with multimedia, text emphasis, slideshows, links, interactive navigation
  • The production starts where the print ends, with a simple PDF

EPUB 3 can either retain the notion of pages or display scrollable content. This is a choice. Yet, the objective is to build an eBook whose text is selectable (as opposed as generating a rasterized image of a page) and searchable. To fulfil this objective, there are a number of toolsets available. We, at Publiwide, have built a suite of 2 powerful cloud-based applications with our partner sugarcubeIT :

Page Replica: enabling the automatic conversion of PDF into Fixed-Layout EPUB 3
EPUB 3 Plus: supporting the enhancement, edition, compilation and validations of eBooks
The major added value of the toolset and the workflow associated with it is the ability to distribute the enhanced EPUB 3 eBook using standard channels such as iBooks, Readium and apps based upon Readium. No need to publish your own app in Appstore.

As the content owner or editor, you can organize the distribution of the eBook directly from your website:

  • User can download directly on their iPad, iPhone for straight opening in iBooks
  • User can download directly on their Android device for straight opening in Publiwide Reader (free App) 
  • User can open the file in their browser when on a PC or MAC


Do you want to see a show case? We have produced this economic annual report for a Swiss region: http://www.fribourgnetwork.ch/2015/en/

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