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From a magazine to an EPUB 3 eBook … in 90 minutes

Written by  , Published in Digital Publishing

Streamlining the production of digital books from a print-centric publishing workflow is a key challenge. This article describes the model that we successfully set up for one of our partners, Magtuner.

First, Magtuner developed a unique online magazine editor aimed at printed output. Then, Publiwide brought its core competencies and technologies in data transformation to shift the 25-page magazine’s source data (image, threads, text and frames) into an automatically-produced EPUB 3 eBook.

Below is the workflow we implemented during the Geneva Book Fair to transform the daily magazine into a ready-to-deliver eBook (5 daily issues):

  • A dedicated template, including CSS 3 components, was set up prior to commencing the project.
  • As the magazine was published, the source content was automatically transformed to OCD XML pivot format.
  • The OCD was ingested into the eBook publisher software. The structure was checked and edited, the styles mapped according to the existing template. A draft EPUB 3 version was generated within 30 minutes.
  • After a review of the output, our operator proceeded with further configurations in the software tool. A second output was generated within 30 minutes.
  • Final check and manual handling of complex layout and styles lasted for another 30 to 45 minutes.
  • In no more than 90 minutes, an attractive EPUB 3 eBook was ready for delivery.


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